New Radio Single – Till The Storm Passes By

My mother who is 94 years old is co-writer of my new radio single “Till the Storm Passes By.” She is and always has been my hero. I strive daily to be half the lady she is. She loves God and her family with all of her heart. About 15 years ago, mama handed me a piece of paper with a chorus and a few lines of a song and said to me, “I believe that I’ve written a song.”

Sadly, I misplaced it. This past year just a few days before I started to record my new album, I found mama’s song safely tucked away in one of my old, daily devotionals. I went to visit her that day to ask her to sing it to me. Before we knew it, the two of us finished it together. I believe this song is for today with all the turmoil we’re going through. This world is truly in the middle of a storm, and as mama says, “keep me safe till storm passes by.